Have you ever played a character? How did you prepare to get into this character? Actors today have many ways to mentally “become” their character. By immersing themselves in their character’s mindset, mannerisms, and speech, method acting is an intense process that requires extreme dedication. Lee Strasberg’s Relation Excercise is a method acting technique that can help you achieve mastery and truth in your acting.

The Actor is Always the Character

Researching, staying in character for a long time, or transforming your body for a role, doesn’t make you a Method Actor. The degree to which you do anything to put your character into practice and make your performance is a personal choice that is not related to acting.

Do Not Get “Lost” in the Character

Konstantin Stanislavski was the first person to imply the notion that the senses’ memory might help the actor create credible on-stage behavior. It’s called the system of Stanislav. Stanislavsky’s work was studied by Lee Strasberg (who founded the New York City Group Theater and became the director of the famous acting studio). 

The Method of Lee Strasberg is an extension of the Stanislav system. For the actor Strasberg, he has developed a series of exercises that help him train his power of concentration, express himself, and create his character’s reality. Some exercises include the memory of the senses, the animals, the private moments, and the emotional memory. Once the actor learns and masters the exercises, he can explore and create a character.

The Lee Strasberg Method Exercises are designed for performance and use in classrooms and online acting classes. Relaxation and concentration are based on the Stanislav system and the Lee Strasberg method. An actor cannot be expressive unless they are relaxed and concentrated. (‘Concentrated’ acts as a focused actor) If the actor is tense, the emotion can’t get inside or outside the body.

Initial exercises will help a new actor free his body from tension, enhance his ability to concentrate, and become self-aware over a long period. After studying intensively for about two years, the actor can explore and make effective use of his own experiences, thoughts, and feelings in an artistic way to bring the character to life. The character always acts like an actor. He won’t get “lost” in character. He’s always in control of their behavior. A small fraction of him knows he’s acting. 

The method’s trained actor can create the behavior he feels is right for the character and drop the behavior when he doesn’t. After a decade of studying the method, the actor has a deep understanding of the method and can make full use of the technique and use it in the manner intended. One of the many important skills a Method actor acquires is how to get into and out of character without getting lost in the character.

“Where is the craft of acting?” – Lee Strasberg

Lee Strasberg never said that part of the method’s work was to “lose” oneself in character. He never argued that one should remain in character for a long time to achieve better results. Lee never advised the actor to do anything that might be hazardous, harmful, or destructive to himself to achieve better results.

Heath Ledger refused to talk to anyone out of character.

A trained actor must be willing to deal with and be able to deal with the most intense and difficult aspects of his psyche and experience, but the method is not therapy. The exercises aim not to come to terms with the pastor to “find a conclusion.” Method work is intended solely for the use of artistic expression.

Creativity is the result of experience, fantasy, and observation. Inspired by a great artist, he expresses the truth about the human condition and the world. One of the major challenges for any artist is to find a way to inspire others. Designed by Lee Strasberg, this method inspires creativity without fail.


Acting is about creating a single character reality. Acting means taking advantage of your imagination. An actor may make a slight or extreme transformation to become a character, but he is always aware that he is acting. He was never caught.