As an artist, you already know that connections in the music industry are vital for a successful career. That is to say, how far you go in the industry depends, to a large extent, on who you know.

By who you know, I don’t mean just random contacts, but people who are capable of helping you boost your career and open up new opportunities.

Why You Need to Create Connections in the Music Industry

You can’t overemphasis the need to build up connections in the music industry. Influential industry connections can help you in building your fan base, getting more shows, finding artists to collaborate with, finding the right producers for your album, helping you find writers to review your music, and so much more.

Having established that, it is also essential that you know how to build and maintain these connections. Here’s some helpful insight.

How to Build and Maintain Influential Connections

  1. Identify Potential Connections

When you meet people, it’s important to think of how relevant they are to what you do and why you should connect with them. You can try connecting with the promoter of the venue you want to perform, or a band you want to tour with or open for. 

Remember to treat new contacts with respect. This is especially important because you may never know how influential the person you are talking to is.

  1. Have Something to Say

For potential connections to take you seriously, you need to have something meaningful to say to connect with them genuinely. You may want to talk about your particular interest in their previous work. How it helped your career of how you can add value to their performance

Don’t just hand them your business card without giving them a reason to take you seriously. Industry partnerships are built on a mutually beneficial understanding.

  1. Connect in Person

You might think that emailing your potential connections to introduce yourself will do the trick. However, your chance of succeeding this way is low or even zero. 

Meeting them in person makes so much difference. You have a chance to tell them how they inspired you, a personal interest in what they do, offer them something in return. If there’s any shared connection or mutual friend who takes an interest in you too, don’t forget to mention.

Face to face contact will help you connect with them genuinely and establish a friendly relationship. 

  1. Add Value

Getting people’s attention is much easier if you are offering something. You can offer to co-bill with the band you want to connect with or include them on the guestlist for an upcoming event.

Offer to collaborate with them on a new song you are writing.

Joe Keith, Minnesota connections in the music industry
  1. Be Active on Social Media

Extend your contact with your connections to social media. If you support them in what they do by liking, commenting, and sharing, they might do the same too. If they help you out in any way, you can also give them a shout-out on social media. 

In conclusion, do not underestimate what connections in the music industry can do for you. You might need some specific assistance someday, and someone in your circle will be able to give you all the help you need. 

So what are you waiting for? Start connecting with people who are relevant in your field today, and in the right way.