Joe Keith – St. Paul, Minnesota


Joe Keith is the business development manager at SJ Computers. Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, Joe is an accomplished software designer and theater actor.


Minnesota based business development manager

Joe was born and raised in the St. Paul area of Minnesota. He graduated from Woodbury High School in 1993 before moving to Moorhead State. During high school, Joe was a state swimmer and actor in his school’s One Act Play competition. He was heavily involved in the theatre and music program at Woodbury High School. He also seriously pursued his love for dance and was a company member of Footlights Dance Studio where he performed in tap, jazz, and ballet. 

After high school, Joe attended Moorhead State for 18 months before transferring to the University of Wisconsin River Falls. His initial interest in education stemmed from his father’s family, who were all educators. Joe was persuaded to refocus his energies and studies on theatre and communication. He graduated from UWRF with a degree in communication after spending four years as an integral member of their theatre community. 

After graduation from UWRF in 1999, Joe began working for Dascom Systems, a distance software design and management company in Minnesota. He taught himself how to write software, understand code, and design programs for companies of all sizes. Many schools throughout the Midwest including Wisconsin Public School system, schools throughout Iowa and Nebraska, and the Chippewa Valley Community College campuses all utilized Joe’s software. His love for dance stayed with him and he also taught youth dance at Footlights Dance Studio for many years. 

From Dascom and software, he transitioned to the hardware side with DataRecovery.Com, an Illinois based company that specialized in data recovery for businesses and individuals.

His skills as a software designer came in handy in his role as Lab Manager for the Minnesota recovery office. His understanding of how computers work and his abilities as a salesman were invaluable when managing both large and small projects.

During this time and throughout the following years, Joe also was a company member at St. Croix Off Broadway Dinner Theater, a dinner theatre in Hudson, WI.

Joe’s abilities as a singer, dancer, and actor landed him an originating role as Bobby Hatfield in a bio-musical about the Righteous Brothers and the opportunity to sing live on stage with Bill Medley.

After four years at Data Recovery, Joe Keith started with Our Vision Recycling, an electronics recycler in Minneapolis, MN. Joe was integral in getting the company properly regulated and licensed with the state and the county. He managed everything from eBay sales to human resources for the company from 2013 to 2018. 

In 2018, Joe was recruited by SJ Computers, a major online reseller of used and refurbished computers. His role as a business development manager includes hiring accounting, eBay sales, and product management, new business opportunities, and account management.

Joe directly oversaw the acquisition of three additional corporate entities to add to the SJ family. He is a major force behind the rapid success of SJ Computers over the last two years. 

St. Paul, Minnesota

Joe T. Keith

Business Development Manager/Actor